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Your Beach & Leisure Resort in Maragogi in front of the beach

A heavenly destination to enjoy your vacation to the fullest

The Hotel Grand Oca Maragogi Beach & Leisure Resort, is located in the city of Maragogi, northeast of Brazil. An area of ​​paradisiacal beaches known as the "costa dos corais". In its origins Maragogi was a marine town whose main source of resources was fishing and agriculture, especially sugarcane. Today, however, tourism has become the main activity in the area, being the second most tourist city in the state of Alagoas, just behind its capital: Maceió. 

Located between the cities of Recife and Maceió, the spectacular beaches of Maragogi are a formidable summer resort for all those who are looking for a heavenly destination of sun, sand, coconut palms and emerald blue sea. And especially for lovers of diving or snorkeling. And if something is known Maragogi is for its spectacular coral reefs and natural pools.

Enjoy diving in coral reefs

One of the main tourist attractions of Maragogi are its coral reefs and natural pools. A protected place APA (Environmental Preservation Area), ideal for diving and snorkeling. Thousands of people go year after year to Maragogi to practice diving in one of the most recognized coral areas on the planet. Take advantage of your stay to observe the large number of marine species that inhabit the coral banks, especially the beautiful and striking goldfish. The average depth of the coral area does not exceed one meter in height, so it is also ideal for snorkeling.

In the Hotel Grand Oca Maragogi Beach & Leisure Resort we have a diving school where you can receive classes and make trips to the various natural pools in the area, both in diving and snorkeling. Do not miss the opportunity to live a unique experience during your stay with us and discover the richness of the fauna and flora of the "costa dos corais".

Discover Maragogi and its carnival

Maragogi is a city with history that is also reflected in its urban core. Leave the beach for a while and enter the city to discover in Brazil more authentic. During your visit to Maragogi, you should not miss the three churches that make up its most outstanding architectural heritage: the Matriz de Santo Antônio church built at the end of the 19th century, the Nossa Senhora da Guia church and the São Bento church, built in the 17th century, and today it only retains its outer walls. And, how could it be otherwise, Maragogi is also a carnival city. This pagan holiday of such prestige and international recognition in Brazil, is also the most important holiday in the city. Thousands of people visit the city to see the dances, the frevo and the parades through all the streets of Maragogi. A show and fun guarantee for tourists.

Grand Oca Maragogi Beach & Leisure Resort

Rod. Al 101 Norte s/n - Ponta de Mangue , Alagoas, Maragogi

(+55) 82 2126-8224 / 82 3296-3200