A hotel in an exceptional natural setting facing the Camino de Santiago

Ideal for pilgrims and nature lovers

If something characterizes the environment of the Hotel Oca Balneario Río Pambre that is the Camino de Santiago. Located in Palas de Rei, our spa hotel is an exceptional resting place for pilgrims who are making the last stages of their Jacobean route. Only 60 km separate us from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. That generates that year after year our hotel is chosen by hundreds of pilgrims as a point of rest and relaxation before embarking on their last walks to the city of Santiago.

But Palas de Rei is much more than the Camino de Santiago. Located in the geographic center of Galicia, it is an exceptional place of accommodation for all those who want to know Galicia on all sides. Our location puts us by car only 45km from Lugo, 64km from Santiago de Compostela or 81km from A Coruña.

In addition, we are nestled in an exceptional natural environment in the heart of the Ulloa region, where eagles, roe deer, wild boar, trout and otters make up our neighborhood. And even on some occasions, the wolf honors us with his presence.

The center of Galicia, the center of its gastronomy

Galicia is a land of exceptional wine, seafood, fish and meat. And its geographic center, as it could not be otherwise, a perfect place in which to taste the traditional Galician food. Try our octopus á feira, pork ham, cooked with turnip tops and cachelos, Galician patty... All this accompanied by an albariño or a ribeiro taken in the typical Galician porcelain cup. You will be fascinated by the flavors of our cuisine.

Take advantage of your stay in Palas de Rei and visit one of the many traditional restaurants in the area. We are sure that the traditional Galician cuisine will delight you.

Oca Río Pambre Hotel Balneario

Lugar Vilariño (Sambreixo). 27203 Palas de Rei (Lugo)

(+34) 982 153 232