A natural gem in the Sierra de Queixa

Discover one of the most spectacular natural areas of Galicia

The Oca Manzaneda Mountain Station is located more than 1,500 meters high in the Sierra de Queixa, in the Ourensano Massif. This mountainous environment of great scenic beauty is part of what is known as the Natura Network. One of the natural gems of Galicia both for the diverse flora that populates its forests and for the fauna that inhabits them.

Located a few kilometers from the border with the province of León, Manzaneda has become a perfect natural enclave for lovers of mountain sports, not only during the winter season, but also during the rest of the year. The trails that cross the station as well as the ski slopes are perfect for hiking or mountain biking routes. Maybe with luck, during your journey, you run into one of our "neighbors" such as squirrels, roe deer, badgers, foxes, wild boars and even the Iberian wolf that is sometimes seen by our lands.

Enjoy Galician mountain gastronomy

Galician gastronomy is known worldwide for its fish and seafood. However, the interior and mountain area also has a remarkable gastronomic tradition and culture that you should taste during your stay at the Oca Manzaneda Mountain Station. Dishes such as meat pie, lacón, roasted kid, androlla (a kind of chorizo) or seasonal mushrooms. All these dishes and many more you can taste them in our Restaurant Os Arandos and our Manzaneda Self Service. All washed down with a good albariño or riveiro and finished with some of our typical desserts such as bica, homemade honey or fresh cheese.

Festivities and folklore in Manzaneda

The most important festival in Manzaneda is its carnival, characterized by the figure of the Mázcara. A very particular character that hides his face while performing a very particular dance. And if you are a lover of mushrooms, you should not miss the Mycological Days of Vilariño de Conso, where you can go out to pick up, chat and taste our varieties of autochthonous mushrooms.

Oca Manzaneda Estación de Montaña

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