Oca Manzaneda Mountain Resort, a place to ski and much more

Enjoy a natural environment with multiple options for leisure

Oca Manzaneda Mountain Resort is a complex-resort located in the Sierra de Queixa where you can enjoy multiple leisure and sports options both as a couple and family, group of friends or groups.

The main activity that takes place in the Oca Manzaneda Mountain Resort during the winter months is the practice of skiing and snowboarding. The station has numerous fully equipped tracks and modern rental services, restoration, equipment repair, ski lifts and much more. Hundreds of people from Galicia, northern Portugal and Castilla León choose Manzaneda as their ideal place to practice their favorite winter sports.

Come and discover our ski resort at more than 1,500 meters high and enjoy yours with a day in the snow. We have monitors and ski and snow lessons for those who want to start in this sport, as well as tracks fully equipped for beginners.

The practice of sport is mandatory in Manzaneda

We are in a wonderful idyllic natural environment for the practice of any type of mountain sport at any time of the year. If you are a lover of hiking, walk our routes while enjoying a spectacular landscape. Or take the controls of your bike to enjoy a day of BTT through our tracks.

But, in addition to the many options offered by our environment, the Oca Manzaneda Mountain Resort resort has complete facilities ideal for practicing any type of sport. We have:

  • A sports hall of more than 1,000 m2 with gym.
  • Sports pool covered with 3 streets and 25m long by 8 wide. Depth 1,6m. With access crane for the disabled and normal and training watches.
  • Outdoor climbing wall with 5 tracks and one crossing.
  • Soccer field of regulatory measures and soccer field seven.
  • Archery
  • Tennis courts.
  • Hiking and hiking trails marked by signs that run through the forest around the station core.
  • Multi-adventure park

Leisure options do not end

But if the sport is not your thing or you want to enjoy other types of activities, the fun at the Station does not stop. We have a complete spa, riding school for learning and horse riding, karting circuit, quad rental service, giant zip line and paintball field.

Everything thinking so that your stay with us is full of unforgettable experiences.

Oca Manzaneda Estación de Montaña

32780 Pobra de Trives. (Ourense)

(+34) 988 309 090