A hotel adapted for pilgrims passing through Avilés

Rest in a four-star hotel while you do the Camino del Norte

The Hotel Oca Villa de Avilés is located in the heart of the city of Avilés, place of passage of the Camino de Santiago del Norte. A perfect accommodation in which to rest and recover strength for all those pilgrims who finish stage 21 between Gijón and Avilés and are ready to embark on stage 22 between Avilés and Soto de Luiña.

Our hotel has special services for pilgrims, especially regarding breakfast, so they can gather strength first thing in the morning before traveling the 38 kilometers that separates them from Soto de Luiña. In addition, in our restaurant El Galeón, you will be able to taste unique and delicious dishes of traditional Asturian food as you pass through the Principality.

We also have free places for secure bicycle parking. In those places there will also be a tool box at your disposal, an inflator (air pump) and a support to hold the bicycle while you fix it.

The Camino de Santiago del Norte

The so-called Camino de Santiago del Norte is a Jacobean route that runs along the Cantabrian coast. Its starting point is located in the Guipuzcoan city of Irún, from where 32 stages pass to the town of Arzúa, where the Camino del Norte joins that of France. A wonderful route in which the sea and the mountain combine throughout the Camino.

Although the stage between Gijón and Avilés consists of an affordable distance and without large slopes beyond the Monte Areo, it will be necessary to regain energy because the stage between Avilés and Solo de Luiña is much more demanding. Composed by 38km of continuous ups and downs, this stage is one of those considered as 'rompepiernas'. Therefore, nothing better than having a quality accommodation in which to recover energy before starting a new journey of Camino.

Oca Villa de Avilés Hotel

Calle del Prado, 3. 33401. Avilés, España

(+34) 985 526 116