Allariz, a perfect place for your family

Enjoy your stay with activities to suit everyone’s preferences

Allariz is a village full of activities to enjoy throughout the year either with your couple or family. Only 21km away from Ourense, Allariz is an ideal place to stay and rejoice in a natural setting such as a Biosphere Reserve a few minutes from the city.

Undoubtedly, one of the activities to do during your stay at the Oca Vila de Allariz Hotel is visiting Ourense. See its historic center, museums, civil and religious architecture. All this walking around its streets or with a guided tour. There is no better way to get to know the history and culture of the provincial capital.

But if you are looking to remain in Allariz and its surroundings, we recommend you check the Xeitura website. This company of patrimonial management organizes tours, cultural visits, routes in bicycle and a lot of other activities to discover the history and the natural setting of Allariz.

Parties, festivals and sport activities

One of the best-known activities of Allariz is its Garden Festival. An event that occurs every year on the banks of the Arnoia River between the months of May to October in which a garden design contest is held, each year with a different theme. A great event to enjoy with your couple or family. Every year, the locals overcome themselves with their new designs.

Also seize the opportunity to visit us during the parties. In Allariz we celebrate the Festa do Boi coinciding with Corpus Christi festivity, Holy Week, the festival of San Benito in July, the pie party the third weekend of August and Halloween, in which Allariz becomes a real horror movie.

Allariz is also the ideal place to practice sports. Walking trails, MTB routes, activities in the river. A lot of options that are complemented by a large number of sporting events that take place in the locality: the annual obstacle course, the 50km race of Andaina Vila de Allariz, the Vila Allarizla Triathlon, the bicycle ride to Guimarásla or the race of A Derradeira of the year.

If you love hiking, more than 100km of routes await you in the surroundings of Allariz, you can travel on foot, by bike or even on horseback. The nearby Os Invernadoiros campsite has horse riding courses, horse riding routes and riding sessions in the riding arena.

Do not forget that Allariz is on the banks of the Arnoia River. Enjoying activities on the river or a boat ride during the summer season from April to October can be an ideal option for couples and families.

Shopping in Allariz

In the historic center of Allariz, there is an outlet for top brand clothing such as Adolfo Domínguez, Roberto Verino, Cuplé, Temple (Inditex), Massimo Dutti, Nanos, O Rei Centolo, Maruxairas... An ideal option to buy quality garments for a great price.

Every Saturday morning at the Plaza de Abastos the weekly market is held. An exceptional opportunity to buy 'Biosphere Reserve' products such as vegetables, fruits, chestnut bicas, craft beer, organic milk, natural soaps and many other things.

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