Explore the Northern Camino de Santiago

An ideal hotel for pilgrims in their way to Gijón

The Hotel Oca Palacio de la Llorea & Spa is located only 7 km away from Gijón and in the way of one of the steps of the Northern Camino de Santiago. An ideal accommodation for pilgrims on their 20th step of the Way that links Sebrayo with Gijón.

If you are on the Northern Way of the Camino de Santiago, seize the opportunity while you are passsing near our hotel to enjoy the relax that you as well as your feet deserve. After 20 rough steps, it may be the ideal moment to relax in a 4 star hotel with all the comforts and spa and massage services. Relax in our more than 1.000m2 of spa or grab the opportunity to massage those areas of your body that are already beginning to show the signs of the road traveled.

Take a day off only a few kilometers away from Gijón

The 20th step between Sebrayo and Gijón is well known because of its difficulty. After crossing the Basque Country, the Way through Cantabria runs without significant slopes. Nevertheless, during the step 20 the pilgrims will have to face a challenging climb that will leave their muscles number.

Therefore you should grab the opportunity to make a stop a few kilometers away from Gijón to stay at the Hotel Oca Palacio de la Llorea & Spa. You can enjoy an accommodation with spa service that will allow you to recover all your strength. The next day, you will be able to walk in Gijón naturally having been able to recover your energy already dwindling after 20 rough days on foot.

Besides, we have an unbeatable catering service in which to taste the most typical Asturian dishes.

Oca Palacio de la Llorea Hotel & Spa

Ctra. Villaviciosa-Canero, 6780, 33394 Gijón. (Asturias)

(+34) 985 131 812