Sarria, much more than the Camino de Santiago

A natural environment that will fascinate you

Sarria is a town located south of the province of Lugo. A place of passage of the Camino de Santiago Francés that is chosen year after year by thousands of pilgrims who begin their journey to Santiago de Compostela from this population of Lugo.

But Sarria is much more than the Camino de Santiago, although the passage of this itinerary through the town has left a strong imprint on the town. With just over 13,000 inhabitants, Sarria is located in a region of the same name that stands out for being a rural and natural environment of great beauty and for its civil and religious architecture. Come to one of our most emblematic monuments such as the Fortaleza tower, the

Monastery of the Madalena or the Monastery of Samos, just 30 minutes from our establishment.

Land of wines and gastronomy without equal

If for anything we can highlight Galicia as well as its natural and rural surroundings, it is for its gastronomy and its wines. In Sarria, a rural area and in the interior of Galicia, the dishes made with products from the orchard stand out, as well as the well-known Veal and pork Galician. A stew with turnip tops and cachelos, a good veal stew, a great empanada of meat ... Infinity of dishes that will make you recover all your strength if you are doing the Camino de Santiago. And since you have just entered Galicia, do not miss the opportunity to try one of the best seafood in the world.

Galicia is also a land of wines. Take advantage of your stay in Sarria to try some of our most international wines such as albariño or ribeiro. Take them in the traditional Galician porcelain glass is an experience you must try before returning to your place of origin.

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