Enjoy with friends, partner or family

What to do in Triacastela during your stay at our hotel?

Although the main activity in Triacastela is around the Camino de Santiago, there are also many activities that can be done as a couple, as a family and with friends in surroundings close to the town. The first thing you should do is discover the monuments and places of interest that the town itself offers. Ask us about the routes and activities available!

Required visits

There are a number of archaeological remains and forts in the area, in fact Triacastela is mentioned in writings of the s.X and XIII by donations to an existing monastery on the slope of Mount Seiro. The villages in the area contain small treasures, as in Ramil where we find a huge chestnut tree over eight hundred years old or in Biduedo, where there is a beautiful hermitage dedicated to San Pedro, also known as Hermitage of Los Abedules. In Pasantes, we see the chapel of Los Remedios of the XVIII century and in A Balsa you can visit the chapel of San Antonio.

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