Celebrate your wedding or event in a spectacular four-star hotel

Surprise your guests in a natural environment second to none in Lleida

The Hotel Balneario Oca Rocallaura is an ideal place in the heart of Lleida where you can celebrate your wedding or family or corporate event. We have more than 250m2 divided into 3 different rooms with capacity for up to 200 people. All our rooms are 100% adaptable to make your celebration a success, whatever its nature.

Organize your business event in a wonderful natural environment in the Cistercian Route. In our rooms you will have fully equipped facilities and equipped with all the audiovisual material necessary for any type of activity you want to do in them. In addition, both you and your guests can have free WIFI connection and parking at the hotel.

Call us and tell us the event you were thinking about. Our team of professionals will advise you on the different options for your organization, as well as the different services we can offer you: coffee breaks, work lunches, dinners or gala lunches, etc.


Take the opportunity to host your guests after the event

For wedding or event organizers in our Hotel Balneario Oca Rocallaura, we offer special prices to enjoy the rest of the services offered by our facilities, such as accommodation or spa. If your event is scheduled to last or last more than a day, nothing better than lodging your guests in our four-star facilities and inviting them to visit our spa. Surely you will get the stroke of effect you were looking for.

Do not hesitate and call us to check availability of our rooms. Surely your event or wedding is a memorable success at our side.

Oca Rocallaura Hotel Balneari

C/ Afores s/n. Rocallaura, Vallbona de les Monges. C.P: 25269, Rocallaura (Lleida)

(+34) 973 330 632