SEE Oviedo while staying in the downtown area

The 4 star hotel with all the facilities for you to explore Asturias

Hotel Oca Santo Domingo Plaza is located in the downtown area of Oviedo, only 5 minutes away of the historical center. The city is the capital of the Principality of Asturias as well as an open and modern city known for its artistic and architectural heritage.

Oviedo is an attractive city for travelers. A visit you should not miss that will bring you closer to our history and culture.

There is nothing better than walk around the streets of Oviedo and be avble to see more than a hundred sculptures scattered around the city and the unique historical center and its extraordinary and palatial architecture. Campoamor Theater and Fontán Square, are also two of the most iconic places in the historical center that you cannot go back home without seeing.

Walk around Oviedo while looking for the restaurant that fits you the most

Asturias, and specially Oviedo, stands out for its unique gastronomy. Walk around the streets of Oviedo while looking for the perfect place to taste our most traditional dishes like fabada asturiana, cachopo or the more than 40 different types of cheese, among which the most famous is the Cabrales cheese. Naturally, all those dishes must be accompanied by a good Asturian cider poured the old-fashioned way.

Only 30 minutes away from Avilés and Gijón

Seize the opportunity to explore the other two main cities in our autonomous community: Gijón and Avilés. Both cities are located only 30 minutes away by car. If you are staying here during summer, you can also go there to enjoy the beach and the sun and see the coast of Asturias. You will want to come back for sure.

Oca Santo Domingo Plaza Hotel

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