Oviedo, a place full of options FOR YOU

Enjoy the city with your couple, family or friends

One of the favorite activities in Oviedo is eating good food, something that you enjoy whatever your age. No matter wether you are in a trip with your couple, your family or in a group trip. In holidays or on your Way to Santiago. Regardless of the reason that brought you to our Hotel, you should take the opportunity to enjoy our most traditional gastronomy.

Only 15 minutes away on foot from Gascona Street, also known as “the Boulevard of Cider.” One of the most traditional streets of this city and even considered the main Street for cider, that has 13 different cider bars, which makes it a mandatory stop during your visit to Oviedo. Have a taste of our well-known Asturian cider poured the old-fashioned way while you enjoy a tipical dish from a cider bar. Cabrales, cachopo, fabada asturiana, chorizos a la sidra… Lots of traditional dishes that will make want to come back.

Museums, theaters, sculptures and so much more

There are many options for differents types of tourists in Oviedo. The Fine Arts Museum of Asturias, the Archaeological Museum of Asturias or the Geology Museum are a mandatory stop for everybody that wants to breathe in some culture during their stay in the city.

Campoamor Theater is one of the trademarks of the city. Enjoy and check what shows are offered to have a good time and to also be able to see the interior of this historical theater that will leave you in awe.

Kids will love seeing Mafalda while walking around Oviedo. And adultswill love seeing the statue of Woody Allen while wandering around. Apart from these statues, you can find more than 100 sculptures scattered around the city while walking around the streets of the city.

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